Internet of Things that Really Matter by Ublox

A good overview of the IoT from Ublox perspective.


The Internet has changed almost every aspect of our lives and now the time has come for the Internet of Things.

It will connect more devices and impact our lives more than anything ever before.

Internet of Things that Really Matter.”

Internet of Things (also commonly referred to as “IoT”) is often used interchangeably with terms such as “Internet of Everything (IoE),” “Web of Things,” “Embedded Web,” “Machine to Machine (M2M)”, and “Industry 4.0.”

IoT has been a hot term over the last few years, but few have managed to visualize it simply.

u‑blox focuses on the following three key B2B IoT areas:

  • Connected vehicle
    Safety, security, vehicle diagnostics, infotainment, navigation, autonomous driving
  • Connected city
    Metering, parking, traffic control, lighting, payment
  • Connected industry
    Aviation, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, mining, fleet management

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