Water Meters – ripe for transition to LPWAN monitoring in NZ


Government regulations for consented water takes came into force in November 2010 for water takes greater than 5 litres per second.

Approximately 12,000 meters were required to be installed and monitored according to local government estimates.

An LPWAN solution like Sigfox would bring the ongoing monitoring costs for the telemetry down to a more cost effective level. The current solution uses GPRS technology and relies on meters to hop from one to another then back hauled over a telco provider.

Meter Use cases.


  • Irrigation water
  • Stockwater water
  • Effluent and wastewater

Industrial & municipal applications include;

  • Intake water
  • Process water
  • Wastewater

Common meters include;

  • Meters to suit pipe sizes from15mm to 3000mm
  • Mechanical meters
  • Insertion electromagnetic meters
  • Full bore electromagnetic meters
  • Ultrasonic meters – for clamp on installations
  • Pulse output and 4-20mA output

Leading brands include Krohne®, Sitelab®, Seametrices® and Dorot®.

Telemetry Services
Telemetry is an excellent management tool in collecting
and reporting weather, water levels in bores, soil moisture,
monitoring plant & equipment performance and control.
Telemetry is used to record information from one location
and transmit it to another. Telemetry has emerged as a key
tool in collecting information from the farm. The key driver is
the requirement to collect and report water consumption for
consent and compliance.
As farmers install this technology,they find the up-to-the minute and continuous log of data that is recorded online provides them with a powerful management tool to assist decision making.
2G Networks.

Vodafone and 2degrees’ 2G voice networks plan to close and it will not be possible to use a 2G mobile phone with any New Zealand Sim card.

Spark does not have a 2G network. It adopted 3G as its minimum standard when it switched off its CDMA network and launched its XT mobile network in 2009.

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