Internet of Things – Virtual Conference December 1st 2016


IoT Grand Slam Virtual Internet of Things Conference

Selected topics covered about IoT

What are some of the most promising applications of IoT currently, and how will cognitive IoT help realize some of those and create new possibilities for IoT? In this panel, industry experts discuss where IoT is today and how emerging technologies like cognitive computing will create new ways of doing business for all types of companies. (panel session).


IoT – from the art of the possible to the very practical. This is an incredibly exciting time. IoT is rapidly transforming the world around us and helping companies increase efficiency, reduce energy waste, gain deeper insights, and create entirely new businesses. Microsoft Azure is all in on IoT and Sam George leads Azure’s IoT efforts. Sam will talk about what is possible in IoT using large and mid-size customer examples as well as the very practical steps companies can take to get started with IoT. (Microsoft Azure – Keynote )


2017 will be the pivotal year where at-scale, successful revenue models are going to emerge in IoT. In this session, Aurelie Guerrieri will share case studies of companies and products that are finding a market through IoT, frameworks to develop future businesses, and pitfalls to avoid. You’ll leave inspired and ready to apply these insights to your own business.

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