IIoT – Industrial IoT

NZ and Australia will likely see the biggest gains in IoT in the industrial sector. Networks being rolled out like Thinxtra’s Sigfox LPWAN network will revolutionize the industrial sector.

Positioning-centric information is changing the way people, businesses and governments work throughout the world, combining LPWAN with GPS.

Using Sigfox – expensive Satellite terminals can be replaced for Utility providers

In the above diagram assets like utility poles for power infrastructure and water meters can have battery powered sensors with integrated GPS monitoring status and take out the  need for the high costs of satellite connectivity.

A good example in NZ is where the Canterbury plains has complete coverage by the Sigfox network allowing dozens of use cases for agriculture and industry in the region.

Industrial Use Cases…

Asset Tracking – GPS & Sigfox connected drums • Location of expensive equipment (Compressors, Generators)- • geofence alerting • anti-theft• site-location • tracking payload

Connected Helmets – Heart rate • Body temperature • GPS Location via Sigfox

Door monitoring – monitor zone access •no need for cabling •alerts for unauthorized access

Preventative maintenance – alerting • monitoring equipment status • exception reporting

Rail temperature – Ultra-resistant sensors to monitor distortions•optimise inspections

Satellite replacement – due to the range of LPWAN some applications can now be replaced by Sigfox or LoRa devices.

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