Nokia’s Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things (IMPACT) targets Smart Cities

Nokia updated its Internet of Things platform with pre-integrated applications targeting smart cities.

The company’s Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things (IMPACT) platform gives IoT users a secure, standards-based foundation on which to build and scale new services, officials said.

IMPACT was developed to address a fragmented and complex IoT ecosystem by providing a common platform for all IoT applications and managing data collection, event processing, device management, data analytics and applications enablement for any device, any protocol and across any application, company officials said. It also features multi-layered security across the platform to safeguard data, identities and devices.

The pre-integrated applications include:

  • Video analytics that provide new functionality for a range of IoT applications by automatically detecting anomalies in video feeds in real time — such as traffic accidents, speeding vehicles and unauthorized entry into secure locations — and triggering alerts for further action.
  • Smart parking to help municipalities better manage inventory, resulting in more efficient use of parking spaces, reduced traffic and pollution. Drivers get real-time information on parking space availability and streamlined payment processes.
  • Smart lighting that optimizes electricity use and reduces costs through real-time inventory management; automatically detects lighting issues and failures to help ensure maximum uptime.
  • Vehicle maintenance that can use data on vehicle fuel levels, speeds and GPS locations for predictive maintenance, fuel efficiency, supply chain optimization and geo-fencing solutions.

The single horizontal platform lets users “manage and analyze data across multiple IoT applications,” Frank Ploumen, CTO of IoT platform and applications at Nokia, said in a statement.

“The intent here is to create solutions that are either ready to go or almost ready to go with minimal customization as the customer requires, so it is very much focused on solving real world problems and minimizing time to build these solutions,” he told WirelessWeek. “This is a complete turnkey package ready to go, ready to solve a real world problem out of the box.”

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