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The biggest trend I see in IoT is the shrinking amount of value that is being placed on the hardware itself. Whether it’s Amazon’s Echo, Nest’s Thermostat or, in our market, a wireless charging transmitter – the majority of the value is increasingly attributed to the software that sits on top of commoditized hardware.

Just look at the way Amazon advertises Echo, it’s almost as if the hardware itself is an afterthought, the real emphasis is on the platform that Amazon are creating on top of commoditized hardware.

In a world of connected devices, the services that companies provide are going to be delivered by software, with software transforming hardware into a service.

Software’s power to interpret context and manipulate commoditized hardware to create value for their customers is where we’re seeing the most value creation in IoT right now.

Dan Bladem , CEO Chargifi


About Chargifi

There are more than 7 billion mobile phones and tablets worldwide. People need power, and meeting their needs provides a substantial commercial opportunity for businesses around the world. Ready to unlock the potential of wireless charging?

Chargifi’s mission is to empower the connected world. We’re doing this by building the leading wireless power management software that enables Managed Service Providers and Systems Integrators to deploy wireless power at scale. Think Cisco Meraki enterprise WiFi management but for wireless power.  Whether it’s for your phone, tablet, laptop or other devices – power is where every journey begins. Chargifi exists to make sure you have power when and where you need it.

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