Keeping senior workers active at work – European Project

It’s known that older adults are more susceptible to physical strain, mental stress and fatigue. However, they are usually very skilled, and have an invaluable knowledge that was gathered over the years.

Active@Work project aims to identify work situations that typically cause elderly employees to stop working before retirement age. This will be achieved through a solution designed to proactively assist older adults to continue active at performing their daily tasks without compromising their well-being and simultaneously provide operational intelligence to learn how to improve the work environment.

The project will result in a Virtual Assistant tool to promote and maintain the degree of physical, mental and social well-being of elderly employees. It will be a multi-modal solution, capable at interact with the end-user in a natural and personalized way. It will assist the user to be aware of their physical well-being status at workplace and to prevent any risk derived from fatigue or stress at work.

One of the main characteristics of the solution will be the capability to actively intervene, in response to identified potential threats that could compromise workers well-being or compromise their role within the organization. The solution will provide support for adult workers to engage in new and rewarding activities, where his/her knowledge and experience will be an important and recognized asset. Team management and tutoring of younger colleagues will be some of the social features within the project.

NotesThe project Active@Work nº AAL-2013-6-140 has received funding from AAL JP, co-funded by the European Commission and National Funding Authorities: Ministerio de industria, energía y Turismo of Spain (Minetur); FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia in Portugal, Government agency for Innovation by Science and Technology of Belgium (IWT); and State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) of Switzerland.

The wisdom and expertise of the older people in your stakeholder network can be a valuable untapped resource for many employers as these people want to contribute and will often add value to your organisation for little more than opportunities to get involved in interesting and worthwhile conversations and experiences; for signs that what they have learned over the course of a lifetime still has value; and for opportunities to “give back” to their industry or society.

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