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World Wetland Day – Celebrate at Matuku Link

NZ Wetlands – only 90% left due to urban encroachment.

Celebrate World Wetland Day at Matuku Link!

World Wetland Day is worth celebrating, especially since we don’t have much of if left in New Zealand. Easy to drain for farming or houses, over 90% of our wetlands have gone, and with it the habitat for our native birds and insect.

Matuku Link joins World Wetland Day at the long Waitangi Weekend, with a host of activities on Saturday 3rd of February from 9am to 3pm. Stalls, food, coffee, walks, talks… the opportunity to see the changes since we bought the property last year and have spend over 4000 volunteer hours improving the place.

Try to find one of our wandering Pateke (brown teal) or spot a secretive banded rail or even our namesake Matuku (bittern), have a look at the plans for the barn, the fundraising opportunities and maybe even buy a plant!

We’d love you to join us on this special day.

Annalily & the trustees from Matuku Link – John Sumich, John Staniland, Chad Wilkie and Geoff Davidson.